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What to Wear For Easter Hunt

Updated: May 15, 2020

We always love it when there’s a holiday coming up. Easter is just around the corner and hopefully getting ready for the fun egg hunting and Sunday brunch preparations. It allows us to come together with our family and friends and spend good times together. And don’t forget, you’ll need to plan what to wear.

We find the Easter holiday a bit more casual and sophisticated, so you should find an outfit to fit that style. We recommend looking for an outfit that is flattering and comfortable to move around all day. Look for styles that have colorful hues and vibrant print and patterns that will brighten up your mood. Here’s a few that we recommend from our collection (*plus 30% off, use code Easter30)

*Promo Offer Details:

30% discount will be reflected at checkout with promo code: Easter30. Offer is valid on all purchases from 4/3/2020-4/12/2020.

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