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Our Story

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Design Philosophy

Dot & Stripe is about mixing the 2 simplest patterns – dot & stripe - to create something totally different and unique in shape, prints and ideology. Our brand came about when we saw there was a lack of casual yet classy dresses that could take you from day to night, like a good suit for men, but comfier. Women wear so many different hats and our goal is to allow them to go through their day without having to think about what they’re wearing. As long as you’re wearing Dot & Stripe you’ll be able to go into the office, run errands, have play dates, go out for drinks or on a date without feeling self-conscious or questioning whether you’re overdressed or underdressed. We want you to be you by celebrating the femininity we are born with without having to compromise our action-packed lifestyle. We guarantee the only thing you won’t be able to do in our dresses is working out.

Designed in New York

Dot & Stripe label is synonymous with custom prints. Living and working in NYC we are surrounded by culture and art, which inspire our work. All of our designs incorporate prints that were developed in-house by the inspirations we find in everyday life. Whether it’s abstract geometric or a floral print, each print has been developed multiple times to get the strokes and colors exactly right for each fabric.

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