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What Is The Utilitarian Trend?

Utilitarian look is preferred to be a refined appearance with the key points of classic colors such as white, cream, black, and elaborated pocket placements. Throughout its history, the utilitarian style is influenced by the military with several revivals. Today’s utilitarian look is updated with the trend that embraces minimalism.

If you feel like pulling out a simple and comfy dress from your wardrobe, our utilitarian dresses will be the perfect choice to fulfill your mood. Minimalistic geometric pattern is printed on Gianna, Kaylee, & Josephine dresses in light blue and black. The colors are also the basic and elemental. You will acknowledge the comfy of the dress on the silhouettes and colors on prints.

They are not only simple and minimalistic, but also have the points to decorate the simpleness. Gianna Dress has a v-neck line, & flap pockets. For Kaylee, we have a wide self-fabric waistband and Josephine dress has flap pockets on the chest, & self-fabric waistband with D ring.

Check out our utilitarian dresses & enjoy a drop of essential vibes with our utilitarian dresses: show 3 dresses.

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