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The Latest Dress Trends: Asymmetrical Necklines

One of the latest dress trends we could identify is asymmetrical necklines. The reason it became so trendy is that the asymmetrical way breaks the rules of perfection and it can be also found in its own unique style with an unbalanced look.

This style also brings a touch of glamorous look. It will fit you with an elegant and luxury look where you want it to be worn at a party. Showing a hint of shoulder is maybe the look that brings more of the party look. But this style is not only suitable just for parties, it is appropriate for a wide range of occasions. Nowadays the casual dresses also take over the asymmetrical necklines as well.

Our Dot & Stripe wardrobe has our one-shoulder top style with ribbon strap as a little pointy ornament which decorates the dress with charm. Explore our asymmetrical neckline dress on our website and enjoy shopping.

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