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Ruffle Power Throughout History

Surprisingly, the ruffles’ origins began from men’s clothing in the history times. Typically, the ruffles were unisex as such as soldiers wore them in several layers of fabrics, and the women were looking for a luxury look. The ruffle form was the wrinkles of the fabric that naturally appears a ruffled appearance and the ruffles could be collar, lace, and also accessories. The ruffles kept their popularity in the lower class then it went through the royalty women in the Victorian Era. The women in the Victorian Era wore complicated and dramatic dresses with the ruffles which brought them a feminine and luxurious appearance. Today, the ruffle slowly became women’s most iconic feminine design point from men’s clothing in the past.

Now the ruffle assembles one of women’s most favorite details in fashion. Especially its ultra feminine appearance styles up in various ways with a romantic and whimsical look. Ruffles presents classic and elegant vibes on the look. The wheel of the ruffle trends turns around all the time, and the design continues to evolve whenever it comes back. Let us have a look on our ruffled dresses.

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